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What’s the most important quality one must have in Sales?

A career in Sales is a constant roller coaster ride. In order to survive,  you need to develop the ability to get through the good and the bad times with a the right mindset. You can’t be insulted if someone hangs up on you, or replies “delete me from this email list.” In this business, it’s truly not personal, you have to refocus and move on to the next prospect.  You must have perseverance. (that's what you must have!)


There have been times in my career that I experienced rejection. Yes, sometimes I even wallowed in self-pity and wondered if the outcome would have changed if I had said something different. However, the longer I held onto negativity and obsessed about my loss, the longer it took for my momentum to change.    


A person on the Justworks sales team who personifies overcoming these setbacks would be a recently promoted Account Executive from the Sales Associates class. He closed his first deal within a week of his new role. I asked how long it took to turn the prospect into a client. He laughed and shared, almost two years, quite different than the sixty to ninety-day sales cycle.


The client he closed was his first cold call prospect as a Sales Development Associate. Over the span of 18 months, he would email a personal note, call to check in, or engage socially on LinkedIn. He persevered through “nope not interested now”; “ I can’t talk, I’m busy”; and even that good old autoresponder “ Jane Smith is out of the office for two weeks.” And guess what? When that prospect was on the market for new HR benefits, who did they consider first? Him! Yep, he was top of mind!


Stick with it. When it comes to sales, take “no” as an opportunity to engage with prospects more meaningfully. In your personal life and in business, relationships take time to develop. Always remember, good things come to those who persevere.


Justworks offers payroll, benefits, and compliance support for growing teams. You can check out our career openings.


Edited by Kevin A. Davidson.



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