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Lesson one - You can't do it all!


As a newly minted entrepreneur ( I genuinely love how that sounds), my heart is racing with excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead in this journey. I have my vision. I am working on fine tuning my plan. I take in advice and filter some of it out as well. There is much to do and so many hats that I'm trying to wear. I am learning that I am not an expert at it all.


I spent hours this past weekend thinking I could build my website template. After all, I am somewhat technically savvy, creative and I have a vision. Each time I tried to do something on the site, I failed. Boy did I feel frustrated, and it felt that everything at that moment was going to be a fail for me. My flow stopped flowing!  


Decision one for me, hire someone who knows what they are doing. Once I made that choice, I breathed a sigh of relief, and the pain in my neck start easing up. I felt free to focus on the stuff that I know I could do and be productive. 


Here is the truth. You, like me, cannot do it all. My company vision is to put your small business on the same playing field as larger businesses by making sure your sales and marketing strategies, execution and measurements are bringing you the results you need to be successful.


After 25 years of successfully working with companies doing sales and marketing, I am looking to take that knowledge (along with my handpicked team of coachativity coaches) and help out small businesses. Our commitment to you is we will keep you on track, accountable and provide you with targeted feedback, strategies, and creative solutions to help you grow client relationships and reach new prospects. Bottom line, make more money.


Reach out to me at wendi@coachativity.com for a free 30 minute sales and marketing coachativity coaching session.


Excited to work with you!




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