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Why I keep coming back for more.

As many of you know, I spent almost a decade of my career at Constant Contact. What a fantastic journey it was. Not only the people I met- customers, partners, and co-workers but the knowledge that I learned along the way about digital marketing. I had spent many years of my life working with "traditional" media/marketing. I understood the nuances of that as well as how it all factors into the growth of one's sales funnel. When I immersed myself in email marketing and social media, I was taught to flip the funnel (and I know many of you know precisely the slide I am talking about ). Yep, it wasn't necessarily about seeking out the masses but becoming very cognizant of a targeted audience, starting with your very own customers and current prospects. Nurture them, engage with them, provide them with an amazing experience and they will become your greatest marketing and sales machine.


And as I continued to flip the funnel, I watched more social channels blossom and content explode in all types of variations. What an incredible opportunity for any size business to be socially visible and connect with people.  But amongst all that amazingness, is just a total bombardment of information overload. The "experts" are shouting...do it all. Heads are spinning as businesses are feeling inclined to be tweeting and snapping and posting and liking and sharing and retweeting. It has become a full-time job for many. Don't get me wrong; we should do a lot of these things, BUT, you need a strategy as to what you intend your end game to be. You have to be clear on why you are doing all of this.


Slow down and give yourselves some time to think about what the best channels for you are to reach your goals (and your customers). My suggestion has always been you don't have to do them all. Pick a couple of platforms where you know your customers are. I promise you for sure; they are using email marketing. To me, email is a must!


No matter the size or scale of your business, you must start by building a solid email marketing plan.

-Email continues to deliver the highest ROI.

-Email can so quickly be targeted.

-It's your list, and it's not going anywhere.

-Easy to understand and execute on reporting.


As long as you have a clear strategy and valuable content, your recipients will continue to engage!


I laugh to myself when I think about it, but email marketing is a love affair for me that just continues to flourish. Join with me as I share my love on Valentine's Day, for a free webinar on reminding you the great power of the email marketing.

You can sign up here.


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