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Get over it!

February 13, 2018




Each and every day in business and in life quite frankly, we are faced with a roller coaster of stuff. Honestly, some days you just don’t get the wins you go for.  But, getting over the losses (trust me it happens to us all) will take some motivation and grit...and even the grittiest people need a kick in the butt. My suggestion. Get vulnerable.


Take me for example. I am in the midst of a career/business transition. I am starting a new venture. Some days I feel on top of the world.  Then I get knocked down by a challenging phone call or by a disappointing outcome with an opportunity that seemed so promising. Honestly, it stinks.   No matter how many motivational videos/podcasts I listen to, meditations that I do, friends that I speak to - once that feeling of failure/fear sets in, it takes time for me to rewind.


Yep, we all get that “weak” feeling.  You may be an entrepreneur struggling to get your idea off the ground, a salesperson not pacing to meet your goals this month, or a job hunter who is getting zero response. It happens and to get over it, allow yourself to get vulnerable. It doesn’t mean you are weak, in fact the opposite!


Here are a couple of tips I call “Best Practices in Being Business Vulnerable” that I have found really help lift me up and get me back into the “winning zone.”


  1. Admit it. Yep, share it with your loved ones, business partner, or coach. Hell, write a blog post about it! When you admit how you feel you learn that  it’s not really as bad as you thought it was.

  2. Lower expectations.  I know you have these huge expectations of yourself and others. It’s great and important to expect high performance but we forget what we tell our kids, it’s “not how you win or lose but how you play the game!” Pat yourself on the back for all your drive and determination. What you are working so hard for may not happen today, but your effort is going to pay off.

  3. Remember your wins! When I get vulnerable, I write down a list of five things that I accomplished before. Looking at that lists reminds me, hell yes, I can do this!  And you can too!






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