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Are your sales and marketing efforts aligned?

Smarketing is my absolutely favorite new concept which I have now decided to claim as my own. All due credit to it goes to Hubspot, who are true believers in the concept (and introduced me to it while I went through their Inbound Marketing certification.) I have been a proponent of smarketing truly for my entire career. It just makes sense to me.


Before I go too far, if  you are wondering, smarketing is a concept that just means sales plus marketing!  It is not a typo. I know that some of my colleagues feel it’s sort of a weird word. I am not so much focused on the word, but I want to discuss the concept.


In many businesses (large and small) sales and marketing are completely separate groups. They hold their own skill sets, goals and initiatives.  They operate in silos. Communication is lacking. Goals aren’t shared.  And wins are not celebrated together.


The thought around smarketing is to bring these two groups together. Shared goals, visions and open communication.  The theory is, with all eyes in the same direction, you’ll see greater success as well as a healthier organization.


In my corporate career, I have held both sales and marketing leadership roles. I believe my success is due to the fact that I truly understood that each role delivers success to the other and partnering is the smartest way to build a business.


Let’s imagine a company that builds its marketing plans based on the same goal that sales is held to. Teams can work together. The voice of the customer is stronger than ever and all on the exact same page.


Whether you are a small or larger organization, make sure that your sales and marketing teams both have the same understanding of who your target customer is. I have seen in many businesses, marketing building campaigns that are bringing in truly unqualified leads because they aren’t close enough to your client. Your sales team is speaking to prospects all day long and can really help build a better understanding for your marketers which in turn will drive more qualified leads.


No more silos. No more sales only get togethers. Push yourselves to mingle and learn from each other. Talk through important initiatives together. The power of ideas is priceless.  Make sure you are sharing  your ideas openly. I have seen many a time when a marketing initiative is launched and sales gets on the phone with a prospect who has more details about the promotion then the salesperson does!


Five ideas to implement today!


  1. Sales people: Invite your marketing associates on a call or appointment with you.

  2. Arrange fireside chats with customers so the entire team can have a similar experience with your customers.

  3. Create your perfect customer persona together….as one team.

  4. Leadership: Send an email weekly that is highlighting and updating iniatives, status and progress on both sales and marketing efforts. OPEN COMMUNICATION.

  5. Partner on projects together and build one shared team!


At coachativity™ we can help you build out your marketing and sales strategies and tactics and make sure all is aligned. For more information on our process as well as a complimentary consultation, please schedule here.


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