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Ladies, embrace the sales beast in you.

March 9, 2018




Call it fortuitous, but today on International Women’s Day   I am working on a presentation that I will be giving next week on Women and Selling.  Or shall I call it” Why the Hell are Women so Afraid to Sell”.  Not all of us. (maybe not now) But, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a woman say to me, “oh I can’t sell ” or sales is so “icky, disgusting, it’s not me ” (I have never heard a man say that) As entrepreneurs, you MUST sell to succeed!  It is extremely important you embrace the sale ladies!


I started my career in sales right after college. I was an utter failure. I refocused and went into marketing and had great success. I remember that I especially loved working on the projects that generated income for my company.  I loved getting in front of the client and coming up with solutions for them.  Finally, a wise woman I worked with (Mumball, yes that is her name) pointed me into my sales career and assured me that everything I had been doing up until that point was lining me up for a solid sales career. She was right, and I really loved it.  My marketing experience made me an even better sales person and those commission checks never got old. It was fun to come up with solutions to help my clients.  That part of my career was invaluable and as my professional journey continued, those sales skills helped me in every role I went on to.


To grow your business, you must embrace the sales beast in you.


1.    Re-frame what sales means. Whatever it is you are selling, there is a need for it and there is no one better to deliver on that need than you and what you are offering! You are enhancing someone’s business. You are making their life easier. You are adding VALUE to their world!  


2.   You have the innate ability to be great at sales. The best salespeople have empathy, can ask questions, listen intently,  juggle multiple tasks, build rapport and coach people to the right solutions. These are all-natural skill sets of women. Each and every one of them.  Women executives are top sales performers in many organizations because of this.


3.    Ask for what you want. That’s something that men have an easier time doing but I promise you by remembering the value you are bringing to the table, the easier this will get.


Closing a deal, signing a client, bringing on a new customer is incredibly satisfying and financially rewarding. More importantly, it is necessary if you own your own business. Embrace your natural sales skills.  Read books, listen to podcasts, reach out to mentors, and find a coach.  Be confident in yourself and your selling abilities. Girl, you got this!


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